Samsung S Voice

With the Samsung S Voice application, you can use your voice to perform operations you would normally have to do by hand, such as dialing a phone number, sending a text message, playing music, etc.

Preparing S Voice for First Use

  1. From the Home screen, touch Apps App Icon > S Voice S Voice.
  2. Read the Samsung Disclaimer, then touch Confirm to continue.
    Samsung Disclaimer
  3. Read the Terms of Service, then touch Agree to continue.
    S Voice Terms of Service
  4. Touch Next on the About S Voice to be guided through how to use the app. Touch Skip to begin using the app.
    About S Voice
  5. Touch Next on the Say what you want screen.
    What Do You Want To Do?
  6. Review the information on the Wake up S Voice screen and touch Next, or touch Change now to change your “wake up S Voice” phrase.
    Wake Up S Voice
  7. Review the information on the Edit what you said screen and touch Next to continue.
    SVoice Edit
  8. Read the information on the Help screen. Each option in the list will show examples of how to use S Voice to complete an action. Touch Finish when you are done reviewing the available features.
    What Can I say
  9. At the S Voice screen, speak to your device.
    Tap & Speak

Using S Voice

You can quickly open the S Voice feature by pressing Home Home key twice.

You can do more than ask your device to complete requests. You can ask your device questions like “What is the weather” to get weather information. S Voice will find the information you requested and display it on the screen.

Is it going to rain?

Samsung S Voice Settings

Touch Menu Menu key > Settings for the following options:

  • Language: Change the language.
  • Open via the home key: When this option is checked, double-press the Home key to open up S Voice.
  • Use location data: When this option is checked, use location data provided by the device to improve S Voice results.
  • Hide offensive words: When this option is checked, the device will hide potential offensive words with asterisks.
  • Help: View topics on how to use S Voice.
  • About: View the version information about the software.
  • Driving mode: Touch the slider Slider Off to turn Driving mode on Slider On. When enabled, you can use the S Voice while driving with limited features. Touch Driving mode to adjust the following driving mode settings.
    • My place for Driving mode: Set a place that driving mode should be automatically activated in. For example, set your car’s Bluetooth® system as a place. When you connect to the system, your device will be placed in driving mode.
    • Incoming call: Set Driving mode to read out caller’s information when you receive an incoming call.
    • ChatON: Set Driving mode to read out caller’s information when receiving ChatON™ calls.
    • Message: Set Driving mode to read out sender’s information when new messages arrive.
    • Alarm: Set Driving mode to read out alarm information when alarms sound.
    • Schedule: Set Driving mode to read out event when calendar events sound.
  • Voice control: Touch the slider Slider Off to turn Voice control on Slider On and touch OK. When enabled, you can answer or reject incoming voice calls/ChatON calls with the voice commands “Answer” and “Reject”; stop or snooze the alarm with the commands “Stop” and “Snooze”; take photos with voice commands like “Capture,” “Shoot,” “Smile,” and “Cheese”; and control the music player with the voice commands “Next,” “Previous,” “Play,” “Pause,” “Volume Up,” and “Volume Down.”
  • Auto-start speaker: When this option is checked, the speakerphone will be activated when placing a call.
  • Show body of message: When this option is checked, display the content of the new messages.
  • Wake up command: When this option is checked, say your wake-up command anytime to activate S Voice. Enabling this option will increase battery consumption.
  • Wake up in lock screen: When this option is checked, you can use the wake-up command to unlock your screen when Swipe unlock is enabled.
  • Set wake-up command: Set a personal wake-up command. Default is “Hi, Galaxy.”
  • Checked missed events: When the option is checked, whenever you connect your headset, you device will check missed events.
  • Home address: Define your home address, used for Driving mode.
  • Social settings: Log in to your Facebook® and Twitter® account to post or tweet messages using voice commands.

Turn On Driving Mode

You can turn on Driving mode from the S Voice screen by touching Menu Menu Key > Set driving mode on. Alternatively, you can turn on driving mode using the Quick Panel shortcut. Open the Quick Panel by swiping down from the top of the screen to the bottom using two fingers. Touch the driving mode shortcut to turn the feature on or off. When the feature is on, the icon will be green. You can use S Voice to navigate to a location, such as your stored Home address, by saying “Navigate Home”.

  • solomon

    s voice on galaxy s4 works on a particular accent. is it possible to make it adopt to individual voice modulations and accent?