Bluetooth® is a wireless connectivity feature that has a short range and low power consumption. This makes it the perfect medium for sending information among devices in the same room. Using Bluetooth, you’ll be able to connect to wireless headset and entertainment devices like wireless speakers. You can connect to many car infotainment systems and share your device’s contacts and music. You can share content, such as photos and contact cards, between two mobile devices.

Connect to a Bluetooth Device

  1. To connect to a Bluetooth device, turn on the Bluetooth device you want to connect to and make sure it is in discoverable mode.
  2. To turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device, open the Notification Panel by swiping your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom, and touch the Bluetooth shortcut. You may have to swipe the Quick Panel to the right to display the Bluetooth shortcut. When the Bluetooth transmitter is turned on, the icon will appear green.
  3. Your mobile device will begin scanning for any available Bluetooth-enabled devices. If your device is on and in discoverable mode, it will show up in the list under Available devices.
    Bluetooth Scanning
  4. Touch your device in the Available devices list. If requested, verify the passkey matches on both devices and touch Accept. If you are connecting to an older Bluetooth device, you may be asked for a PIN. The default PIN for many devices is four zeros — 0000. Some devices have PINs specific to the device. The PIN will be in the device’s documentation.

Mark or unmark the checkbox to make your mobile device Only visible to paired devices or Visible to all nearby Bluetooth devices. When the box is marked, a timeout is shown next to Visible to all nearby Bluetooth devices. If the time reaches 0:00, touch the box to unmark it and then mark it again to reset the timer.


To unpair a device you have connected to, from the Home screen, touch Menu Menu Key > Settings Settings Icon > Connections Settings Connection Tab Icon > Bluetooth Settings Bluetooth Icon. Touch the Settings Settings Icon icon next to the device in the Paired devices list and then touch Unpair. The other options available on this screen will vary depending on the device you are connected to. You can touch Rename to change the name of the device. You can mark or unmark the profiles supported by the device to turn each profile on or off.

Share Content

Many of the applications on your device let you share content you are viewing or you create with the application via Bluetooth. When using device features like the camera or browser, touch the Share icon or touch Menu android Menu key and look for the Share or Share via feature. When you touch the share feature, Bluetooth will be listed as an option. When you share content using Bluetooth, devices you have already connected to will be shown in a list, and you can connect to new devices during the share process.

Receive Content

When another device sends content to your mobile device, you will see a Bluetooth authorization request message on the screen letting you know the device’s Bluetooth name and requesting you either Accept or Decline the request to connect. After you accept the request, the content will be downloaded from the sender and stored in Apps > My Files > All files > Bluetooth. You can also see the files transferred by opening the Notification Panel and touching the received file notification.

Note: The path noted above may change if you have installed an optional microSD™ card.

Additional Bluetooth Settings

From the Bluetooth menu, touch Menu Android Menu Key to access the following options:

  • Visibility timeout: Adjust the timeout your device uses when you set it to be visible to all nearby Bluetooth devices.
  • Received files: Open the location where received Bluetooth files are stored.
  • Help: Access help tutorials for your device’s Bluetooth feature.