Device Setup Wizard

When you first power up your Samsung Galaxy S® 4, you will be taken through a setup wizard.

  1. On the initial welcome screen, select your preferred device language by touching the drop-down. Your device supports English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Korean. If you are visually impaired, you can also activate the accessibility features of the device by touching Accessibility. Touch Next to continue.
    Setup Wizard Welcome Screen
  2. Setup your Wi-Fi access point.
  3. Sign in with your existing Google™ Account by touching Yes. Touch No if you do not have a Google Account or if you want to skip the sign-in process. If you select yes, you will be asked to enter your username and password. Enter your account information and skip to Step 14. We will walk you through signing up for a new account in the following steps.
    Google Account Sign In
  4. If you do not have a Google Account or you want to sign up for a new one, touch Get an account. If you want to skip the sign-in process, touch Not now. If you select not now, you can skip to Step 14.
    Make it Google Screen
  5. Enter your First and Last name and touch Google Account Setup Next Button .
    Enter Your First and Last Name
  6. Enter your desired Google username and touch Google Account Setup Next Button .
    Select Google Username
  7. Your device will contact Google and verify that the desired username is available. If the username is not available, you will be asked to change it and some suggestions may be offered. Repeat the process until you have selected a username that is available. When an available username has been selected, the select password screen is displayed. Enter your desired password, repeat in both boxes and touch Google Account Setup Next Button .
    Enter Password
  8. Enter your recovery information. Recovery information can be used later if you forget your password. When you are satisfied, touch Google Account Setup Next Button .
    Enter Recovery Info
  9. You will be asked to join Google+™. Google+ is Google’s social network that lets you share media with friends and family that you choose and view information posted by people you follow. Touch Join Google+ to join the service, or touch Not now to skip this process. You can always join later by opening the Google+ app on your device, or by visiting the Google+ website.
    Join Google+
  10. You can set how your Google Account will handle your browsing history on this device. Mark the Turn on web history checkbox to keep the browsing history and share it with other devices, Google apps, and Google services, you use this Google Account on. Mark the Keep me up to date with news and offers from Google Play checkbox to receive marketing emails from Google Play™ to your new Google email address. Touch Google Account Setup Next Button to continue.
    Finish Account Screen
  11. On the captcha screen, enter the word displayed in the captcha and touch Google Account Setup Next Button .
    Captcha Screen
  12. You can touch Set up credit card to add a payment card to your account. Adding a payment card to your account lets you purchase apps and media from Google Play™ Store. Touch Not now to skip this process.
  13. You can keep your device’s apps, settings, and limited data backed up to Google for recovery later. Mark the Keep this phone backed up with my Google Account checkbox and touch Google Account Setup Next Button to continue.
    Google Account Backup
  14. Select your desired location settings. Mark the checkbox below Use Wi-Fi and mobile network location to let your device estimate your location based on information from your Wi-Fi® or carrier’s wireless network. Mark the checkbox below Let Google apps access your location to let Google apps, for example, Google+ and Google Maps, access and use your location to improve your experience. Touch Google Account Setup Next Button to continue.
    Location Settings
  15.  Next, you can set up each of your email accounts. Touch Add Email Account next to the account type to begin the process. The information requested will vary based on the type of account you are setting up. When you are finished, touch Next.
    Setup Email Accounts
  16. Many of your device’s features will require that you have a Samsung account. You can sign in to an existing Samsung account by touching Sign in. If you don’t have a Samsung account, touch Create new account. We’ll walk you through signing up for a new account in the steps below. If you signed in with an existing account, skip to Step 20. If you do not want to sign in using a Samsung account, touch Skip, andskip to Step 20.
    Samsung Account
  17. On the new Samsung account screen, you will be asked for the following required information: EmailPasswordDate of birthFirst nameLast name, and Zip code. Mark the Receive newsletter checkbox to get regular updates on new features, services, and content available through Samsung services. Touch Sign up to continue.
    New Samsung Account Info
  18. The Samsung account terms and conditions screen displays the terms and conditions of each Samsung service and the Samsung privacy policy. Review all of the terms, conditions, and policies, and then mark the I accept all the terms above checkbox. Touch Agree to continue. If you do not wish to agree to the terms and conditions, touch Decline
    Terms and Conditions
  19. Touch Next to continue. Make sure you check your email for the message with the verification link. Your Samsung account is not fully activated until you follow the verification step.
    Samsung Account Creation Success
  20. Choose a name for your device. By default the name is set to the model number. This is the name that will appear when you connect to your device through various services and features, like Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi Direct™. When you are satisfied, touch Next
    Name Your Device
  21. Learn more about the key features of your device. Touch the name of a feature to read more about how the feature works and see an example of how to use it. Touch the slider Slider Off next to a feature to turn it on Slider On . When you have made the desired changes to your key features, touch Finish.
    Key Features